Shenzhen Litto New Energy Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Litto New energy Co., Ltd. which is a new energy company focused on the PV inverter, car charging pile, etc. products, the company with new energy technology, intelligent power distribution control for the direction of industrial development, gather the development of new energy product development,manufacture,services,technical advisory together, it is not only with the international service network but also with innovative new high-tech enterprises.The company gathered a large number of outstanding science and technology person, they are vibrant, advanced concepts and has extensive experience energy utilization and inverter technology fields, the company have a good reputation in the field of industry and customers because the rich field of innovation, superb expertise and good service skills.




LS 3000H/LS 4000H/LS 5000H

LS 1000H/LS 1500H/LS 2000H

LS 3000HD/LS 4000HD/LS 5000HD


LT 30000HD LT 33000HD LT 40000HD

LT 70000HD Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter

LT 60000HD Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter

LT 50000HD Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter

LT 15000HD/LT 18000HD/LT 20000HD

LT 5000HD/LT 6000HD/LT 8000HD/LT 10000HD

Off grid Inveter

Off-grid solar inverter & controller

Isolation Transformer Inverter

LF1500H/LF2000H/LF3000H LF4000HD/LF5000HD


High frequency home power inverter

48V MPPT solar Charge controller

12/24V MPPT solar Charge controller

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